Diagnostic Records & Case Conference

Diagnostic Records & Case Conference

Diagnostic Records

This first appointment usually includes two x-rays to assist the doctors in working up your specific treatment plan. The panoramic radiograph is a frontal view and the cephalometric radiograph is a side view of your teeth and jaw. Patients are protected with a lead vest to minimize exposure. We utilize state of the art technology to complete a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. Gone are the days of messy alginate trays needed to produce stone casts. This technology will produce a 3-D digital image that can be manipulated on the computer to show all angles of your teeth. Finally, a few photographs are taken from different angles to complete the records process.

Case Conference

The second visit is when either Dr. Antonellis or Dr. Llompart will sit down with the adult patient or the parent(s) and review their findings and recommendations for treatment utilizing the diagnostic records. Using the 3-D technology, the doctors can preview the patient’s anticipated results right there on the screen. During this visit, we will address any additional questions or concerns you may have in preparation for treatment.

In addition, a staff member will sit down with you to review consent forms & financials. All of these forms can be found on our website under New Patients – Patient Forms. Please review our office policy section for information regarding payment plans and insurance. The final step will be to schedule your appointment(s) to proceed with orthodontic treatment. The initial appointment, when hardware is placed, tends to be a longer appointment and are scheduled in the mornings. This allows us to accommodate your subsequent adjustment appointments after school or in the evening.

Following your case conference, the doctors will compose a customized treatment letter, along with a copy of the diagnostic records, to your general dentist. By keeping your dentist informed of your orthodontic treatment, it allows them to schedule appropriate appointments to ensure good oral health.